There are two versions of the Immerse Reverberator: the original and Mk II.

  • The Mk II adds the ability to have 100% effect level when the Mix knob is fully clockwise. The original version would only go to about 50%.
  • The Mk II has slightly improved headroom for the wet signal.
  • The Mk II uses a more robust footswitch.
  • The Mk II recessed the Kill Dry and Trails switches to help avoid accidental switching.

Here is a comparison of the effects in the two pedals:

OriginalMk II
Immerse Reverberator - B-STOCK - Neunaber AudioImmerse Reverberator Mk II - Neunaber Audio 
Wet Reboot (version 2), knob controls modulation speedW3T (version 3), knob controls pre-delay
PlatePlate (unchanged)
Hall, knob controls modulation speedHall, knob controls modulation depth
Spring, knob controls low cutSpring, updated, knob controls modulation speed
Shimmer ASustain, new effect
Shimmer BReverb+Echo, updated reverb effect, echo is stereo
Reverb+Echo, echo is monoReverb+Detune, updated reverb effect
Reverb+DetuneShimmer, consolidates Shimmers A & B from original and uses updated W3T reverb effect