ILLUMINE has 50 User Presets. Any number of these may be accessed using the footswitch. By default, 9 are chosen to showcase the capabilities of the pedal.

To change which presets are accessed by the footswitch, first select the preset of interest:

  • Turn the top knob counter-clockwise to the User Preset screen
  • Turn the bottom knob to select the User Preset 

Then, add/remove this preset from the footswitch recall list as follows:

  • Turn the top knob to the "Footswitch" screen
  • Using the bottom knob, select "Recalls Preset" or "Skips Preset"
  • To save this change, press the bottom knob to enter the Save Preset menu, select Yes, then press the bottom knob again to confirm

When a preset is recalled via footswitch, its name is displayed in double-high characters for easier viewing at floor level. 

Presets are recalled in numerical order. If you want presets to be recalled in a different order, then move the presets so that they are in numerical order using the "Save to (preset #)" option in the Save Preset menu. See the User Guide for more details.