We urge our customers to take their amp to one of our authorized service centers if it is in need of a repair.

All of our authorized Quilter service centers can be found on our dealer map here. Service centers will be labeled on the map with a yellow pin instead of a blue pin (as pictured below).

To sort them out easier, tap the arrow/rectangle on the top left corner of the map (pictured below and circled in red), and you'll have the option to filter out the service centers from our dealers by selecting/deselecting the red check marks (circled below and circled in green). Note: If viewing the map on your cell phone, you'll have to tilt your phone horizontally to use it.

Most of our service centers should offer a mail-in option for your amp. This way you can locate the one closest to your area and send it to them.

PLEASE NOTE (since this has caused great confusion with our customers): Authorized dealers and authorized service centers are two different things. While the dealers on the map (which are listed with a blue pin) are authorized to sell Quilter products, they are not authorized to repair them. Before reaching out, please make sure that you are contacting an official service center (listed with a yellow pin) and not a retailer

(NOTE: Our authorized service centers are only experienced with working on Quilter amps. Repairs for all Neunaber pedals should be sent to us directly)