The clean channels of the OD202 and the TB202 are slightly different from one another. Here's a breakdown of the two:

1. The FRFR voicing in the TB202 is a flat response with speaker dampening. This is ideal for those using modeling rigs and/or cab sims. On the OD 202, Voice 1 will bring an "honest,' natural tone from your guitar, but with a bit of added treble. 

2. The FULLQ voicing on the TB202 brings out a more "honest" tone of your guitar while bringing out a warmth in the speakers. On the OD202, Voice 2 will have a "bell-like tone" and improves definition of chords in both clean and overdrive settings.

3. The VINT voicing on the TB202 is a Fender-style tone stack with added bass and chime. On the OD202, Voice 3 is a metallic-style voicing with Blackface-style mid-scoop.

While the voicings of the Tone Block lean more Fender-y, the OD202, the voicings are inspired by these amps:

Voice 1: Early Marshall
Voice 2: Dumble
Voice 3: Mesa